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new mortgage developments


Interest-Only Mortgage Loans

interest-only payments on your mortgage loan for the first five or seven years of your 30-yr amortized loan. These loans have been around for 10+ years but are becoming popular among homeowners looking to buy their first or higher-priced home.

see loan product: interest-only loans


Minimum Monthly Payment Plans

Plans include $80K, $145K, $200K and even $300K mortgages at unbelievable low minimum monthly payments. These plans are designed for homeowners who are looking at lower initial payments to start with expectation to refinance their mortgage later on.

see loan product: minimum payment plans


100+% Home Buyer Programs

you can borrow more money than the appraised contractual purchase price and use the extra money to pay closing costs. Homeowners use these loans when they don't have enough money for the down payment and closing costs.

see loan product: zero-down mortgage plans


40- and 50-Year Mortgage Loans

you can lower your monthly payment by extending your term to 40-50 years over the standard 30-year term. Homeowners use 40-50-year mortgages to buy a higher-priced home.

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